Wilderness experiences all year round, 24/7

At Svansele Wilderness Centre we tailor our activities according to your preferences. We offer wilderness living and down to earth hospitality. Activities range from quiet berry/mushroom picking to full on snowmobile and ice racing action.

The Wilderness Exhibition

Our starting point for most events is the Wilderness Exhibition. With over 1800m² of exhibition space divided over 11 rooms, we host one of Swedens largest wilderness museums with over 600 taxidermied animals. All displayed in in rooms that look, feel and even smell like the wilderness.

A conference hall in the midst of nature

Our conferance hall is quite unique, decorated with wildlife and forest while equipped with modern technology in order to display your presentations properly. By using our wood dividers we can quickly create a number of smaller sections which makes individual or group tasks even easier, regardless of number of guests. Read more

Proper food makes for a positive experience

Svansele Wilderness Centre offers a carefully chosen menu which concists mainly off of locally produced meat and vegetables, ranging from Swedish Meatballs to Reindeer, Moose. Are you vegetarian/vegan or allergic to something? Don’t worry, we cater to your needs and have something for everyone. Oh and everything is prepared over open fire.

Accomodation? We have plenty of it!

Our largest of five Wilderness Camps has a capacity for 116 people to spend the night in the middle of our pine tree forests. Before you fall asleep though, we encourage you to try our wooden hot tubs and sauna. Nothing beats a proper steam sauna and bath before bedtime. If you prefer rooms that offer electricity, WIFI and your own bathroom we also offer that in our brand new “Knutes Hotel” located in our village Svansele, just 5 minutes walk from the Wilderness Exhibition.

All booking is handled through us, contact us by e-mail or phone

There’s lots and lots more to tell, if you have any questions or would like to book a visit with us, please feel free to get in contact.

E-mail: bokning@svansele.se

Phone: +46 (0) 915-210 03