Vithatten is a 150 year old settlers site about 25 km west of Svansele. The main cabin is of old Swedish type and has both a fireplace and stove that provide heat. Here we cook wilderness food, socialize and hold small conferences in the light of candles. After your dinner and conference, have a nice warm sauna and bath as well as a thrilling ride in the wooden slide. It flows with cold spring water in summer and freezes to ice in winter. The night is spent in what used to be the granary, it has room for 14 people to sleep on soft beds. At night, torches light all the paths, including the outside toilet which is equipped with a styrofoam ring for best comfort even in the winter. From the cottage you can walk or ride snowmobile up to the top of the mountain Vithatten. 511 meters above sea level it offers a stunning view. This is the place where Stoor’n, World’s Largest Moose will stand. Support Stoor’n.

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