Sauna and hot tubs

Most of our guests end their evenings with a relaxing sauna and a warm bath before supper and bedtime. At all of our wilderness camps there is at least one sauna and one wooden hot tub where you can relax in the glow of the torches. The heat that rises from the water makes it pleasant to bathe even on the coldest winter days. It is warm and relaxing, whether the temperature drops to -5 ° or -35 ° C. The fire from the stove spreads a gentle tone that sounds wonderful and whose vibrations can be felt through the water. In the Wilderness Camp and Vithatten we also have slides made of wood to ride in. You land in a heated wood tub further down, or an ice cold one if you prefer. In the Wilderness Camp you land right beside Petikån, a small meandering stream that is nice and warm in summer,  cold and refreshing in the winter.

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