From the 24th of June, daily 18th of August, 11:00 – 18:00

During Summer we are open for dropin from the 24th of June, daily until the 18th of August, between 11:00-18:00. This means no booking is required to visit the Wilderness Exhibition. Gather your family and friends and enjoy the Wilderness Exhibition, a unique museum spanning over 1800 square meters filled with taxidermied animals placed in various natural scenes. Also on display are old traps, guns, tree logging, charcoal and tar pit tools. One room even contains a miniature of the Skellefte River, complete with live fish. A Guided tour video also repeats every 30 minutes (in Swedish).

The guests of our exhibition can order lunch or dinner when they visit the Exhibition. Our main course is the Wilderness Plate which consists of moose meat, reindeer meat, game fish, potatoes, onion and vegetables. Beverage (non alcoholic), bread, butter and coffee/tea is included and you eat until you are full and satisfied!

We also offer activities at the exhibition. Try axe throwing, lassoing, darts and blowgun darts among other activities. For younger children we offer free wooden hot tub bath and a small quadbike track if watched by parent.

Entrance fee:
100 SEK / person
Children under 16 years of age enter free of charge

Wilderness Plate: (entrance fee not included)
Adult: 220 SEK / person
Children 7-12 years old: 110 SEK / person
Children 0-6 years old eat for free.

Wilderness Plate can be served earliest at 11:30 if ordered 11:00.
Food orders are taken until 16:30.

If you wish to visit the Exhibition outside of regular opening hours you can book a visit. Contact us here for more information.

Welcome to Svansele!