Mountainbike in the Svansele forests

Trail riding with MTB is so much fun and in the Svansele area we have very nice nature. We can get to our wilderness camps and enjoy all the waters that offer great fishing. If you don’t have your own bicycle we offer Mountainbikes with 29” tires and Fatbikes with extra wide tires. There are different trails with varying difficulty levels so anyone can go riding in Svansele.

Trail riding packages 2018:

MTB incl. map, roam the forests on your own:
4 hours: 150 SEK/mtb
8 hours: 260 SEK/mtb
24 hours: 350 SEK/mtb

24 hour bike incl. meals:
MTB, helmet, map, ingredients in backpack for lunch,
dinner and breakfast (Guest prepares the food), sleeping
bag and sleeping mat for sleeping in wind shelter.
Per person: 825 SEK

24 hour guided bike tour incl. meals:
MTB, lunch/dinner/breakfast and guide. Guide prepares
food, night is spent in wind shelter.
1 person: 7 350 SEK
2 persons: 8 500 SEK
3 persons: 9 700 SEK
4 persons: 10 850 SEK
5-10 persons: 2 400 SEK / p

If you wish to enjoy bike riding but rather spend the night with extra comfort, choose Knutes Hotel. It’s located just 400 meters from the Wilderness Exhibition and right next to Skellefte River. Each room has shower/wc, there’s a relax/sauna room and the hotel is equipped with high speed free WIFI. The close by river is good for fishing big perch and pike. It’s 1 km wide next to the village which makes it flow slowly. The water is very clean and safe to swim. A rowing boat can be used by hotel guests for free.

Prices Knutes hotel summer 2018:

Single room: 600 SEK /night
Double room: 850 SEK / night
Relax and sauna: 105 SEK / person

Bicycle tour addons:
Sandwich+cinnamon bun+beverage: 100 SEK / p
Coffee thermos, 4 cups: 100 SEK
Fishing equipment incl. rod and tackle box containing
minnows and lures: 150 SEK- / set

Optional wilderness lodging and/or sauna:
Tent, suitable for up to 2 persons: 200 SEK / tent
Small cabin in forest, 4 beds: 405 SEK
Sauna, you heat it, firewood supplied: 670 SEK
Sauna+hot tub, heated for arrial: 4480 SEK

There are endless options. Contact us with ideas and we will happily create your unique visit accordingly.