Team building in The Wilderness

When arriving to Svansele Wilderness Exhibition in the morning our guide welcomes you and gives overview information about the event. You are equipped with proper clothes and transported with quad bikes and wagons through the scenic forest until we reach our destination, the Wilderness Camp, about 8 kilometres into the forest

When arriving to the Wilderness Camp we start with a cup of real forestcoffee along with swedish cinnamon buns. After “swedish fika” you are divided into smaller groups and our guide shows you the different team building activities. The main purpose is to get to know each other better and to work together to accomplish challenges of different types and varying difficulty levels.

Our guide prepares lunch over open fire, you can choose enjoy it either in a cabin around the fireplace or in the wild, depending on weather conditions. Beverages and coffee are included.

After lunch you continue your team building exercises in a forest setting. For example we build bird houses, drive quads on a track, shoot blow darts at target etc.

Later in the day the warm bath in hot tubs and sauna has been prepared for you. Bathing clothes and towels are included. You can choose to relax in the hot tubs and sauna or continue the action theme by riding the wooden waterslide or why not take a bath in the river?

We end our day with ample amounts of food, our Wilderness Buffet, consisting of moose and reindeermeat, trout, potatoes, onion, vegetables, our “secret” jam, bread and cold beverage*, before we head back with quads and wagons to the Wilderness Exhibition.

In the Wilderness Exhibition you take a refreshing shower before you are treated to a guided tour among more than 600 taxidermied animals. All displayed in rooms that look, feel and even smell like the wilderness.

Departure in the evening.

Contact us for pricing and information.

* Non-alchoholic beverage, – alcoholic beverages are not available as separate purchase at Svansele Wilderness Centre, although guests may bring such beverages if desired.