Conference Forest

“Conference forest” is decorated in the wild rustic style as the rest of the exhibition, with stuffed animals in natural environments and walls of wood with the bark intact. We have over the years realized how beneficial it is for people to be in a relaxed and natural environment to increase productivity and engagement. Our conference guests enjoy the natural tranquility that exists in our Conference Forest and we often recieve their praise for this unique room. In contrast to the down to earth atmosphere the wood and animals creates, this room also offers useful technology. With high-definition projector, wireless as well as wired broadband and the ability to plug in most common video and audio sources, we cover your needs. The room can also be divided into up to seven different rooms of various sizes and shapes with our sliding doors made ​​of wood. It does not matter if your group is small or large! Anywhere from 2 to 150 people at a time can hold their conferences in our Conference Forest.

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