We do our best to take extra special care of our guests. We know that a person needs to feel welcome, warm and well fed to properly enjoy whatever they are doing. That’s why we always make sure our guests receive a warm welcome, proper information about what we are going to do, get clothed properly so they don’t freeze and last but certainly not least, we serve them ample amounts of good food which we prepare over open fire.

We offer a carefully chosen menu of wilderness food which consists mainly off of locally produced meat and vegetables, ranging from Swedish Meatballs to Reindeer, Moose and Game Fish. Alongside the meat we serve potatoes, onions, vegetables, bread, locally made jam and non-alcoholic beverages. Of course we offer proper forest coffee and tea after your meal. Are you vegetarian/vegan or allergic to something? Don’t worry, we cater to your needs and have something for everyone, just make sure to inform us of any diet restrictions in advance. Everything is prepared over open fire which gives our food that true wilderness flavor we are known for.

Our menu:


  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Toast with bleak roe

Main dish:

  • Wilderness Buffet (elk meat, reindeer meat and trout)
  • Meatballs and lingonberry jam
  • Potato hotchpotch with fried eggs and beetroot
  • Pancakes with jam
  • Salmon with sherry sauce
  • Souvas (thinly sliced smoked reindeer meat)
  • Reindeerchops
  • Elk entrecôte
  • Farm buffet (lamb and pork meat)
  • Elk tenderloin
  • Reindeer tenderloin


  • Ice cream with warm cloudberries
  • Cheesecake
  • Chocolate cake with double cream