The Trap Room

Before man invented firearms, traps such as snares and pitfalls were  our best friends. The possibility of having a snare or pit “hunt” while other tasks were taken care of was vital. In this room we show different types of snares for small and large animals. We have also a pitfall for moose. The area around Svansele Village holds large, elaborate systems of pitfalls. 5000-6000 years ago, people lived close to the river and their diet consisted mainly of moose. [two_third load = “no” class = “” id = “”] If you want to learn more about the Neolithic period and see how the houses and tools are thought to have been made, we recommend a visit to the Moosepeople Village, a Stone Age village built in 2007. It’s lies just some ​​few kilometers North of Svansele. Here one can see and experience the Neolithic accommodation and food up close.  [/two_third] [one_third last=”yes” class=”” id=””] älgjägarfolket boningshus[/one_third]

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